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Southern California sees its share of trucks on the road and its share of truck accidents.  This is especially true for Santa Clarita Valley because trucks often travel on the Interstate 5 Freeway and it seems that trucks accidents are a common place when it rains.

Statistic gathered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, reveal that in 2005, accidents involving large trucks resulted in 5,212 fatalities.  Most of these fatalities involve passenger vehicles who get the brunt of the force when hit by large trucks.

In order to protect motorists, special safety rules and regulations have been implemented for truck drivers.  These rules have helped reduce truck accidents, which can still occur regardless of whether a truck driver adheres to or violates these safety rules and regulations.  Can some of these accidents be avoided?  That depends on the cause of the accident, which could be one of many.

1.  Driving too close.

Often times, truck drivers drive too close to the vehicles in front of them and when that vehicle stops, the truck may not have sufficient distance to stop before hitting the vehicle.

2.  Driving too fast.

It generally takes an 18 wheeler 40% greater time to stop, when compared to that of a passenger vehicle.  This estimate varies depending on weather conditions, road conditions, the weight of load the truck is carrying, and whether or not the truck is bobtailing (i.e. the truck is being driven without an attached trailer).

3.  Driver Fatigue

Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, truck drivers must keep a log, showing their hours of operation (i.e. driving hours) and their off-duty (non-driving) hours.  These strict guidelines were put in place to reduce or minimize driver fatigue.  When a truck driver fails to adhere to these rules, fatigue may set in, making him a dangerous driver on the road.

4.  Driver Aggression

Truck drivers have strict time schedules, especially when hauling perishable goods.  When a truck driver is running late, he tends to become more aggressive on the road, placing other motorists at risk.

5.  Driver Error

Sometimes, truck drivers cut a corner too thin or too wide when making a turn.  Sometimes, because of their heights, truck drivers fail to see small passenger vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians in their blind spots.

6.  Load Shift

If improperly tied down, loads can shift during transport.  When this happens, a truck driver can lose control of his truck.

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