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Recently, an interesting dog bite case came out of Seattle.

Facts per Plaintiffs:  Konrad Haskins and Kenneth Bock were at Chain Lake Mini-Storage.  Haskins was accompanied by Buddy, a Redbone Coonhound (dog).  According to allegations made by Bock’s family, Buddy, who he had a history of attacking and biting people, started wandering the property without a leash and ended up biting Bock on the finger, drawing blood.

The next day, Bock went to the hospital complaining of severe pain in his leg.  He was diagnosed with a blood clot.  The Bock family further alleges that Bock developed an infection which was diagnosed as Capnocytophaga canimorsus sepsis, a bacterium commonly found in the saliva of dogs.  Ten days after the dog bite, Bock died because the infection led to multiple organ failure and tissue necrosis.

Facts per Defendant:  The dog’s owner, Haskins, denies that Buddy (his dog) was wandering without a leash when Bock was bitten.  Furthermore, Haskins’ attorney alleges that Buddy was in Haskins’ SUV, and Bock was bitten when he reached through an open window toward Buddy.


As indicated, this case is based out of Seattle.  From the information gathered, it appears that Seattle law on dog bite cases may be different from California law.  California law treats dog bite cases under a strict liability analysis.  This means that a dog owner is strictly responsible for any injuries caused by his or her dog, regardless of whether the dog had ever bitten another person.

Aside from the liability issue raised in this Seattle lawsuit, there may be an issue related to damages.  Can Plaintiff’s prove that Bock’s death was related to the dog bite?  Further, was it foreseeable the Bock could die from a dog bite on his finger?  Was this a freak injury and did Bock suffer an uncommon reaction to the dog bite?

The Mason Law Firm, managed by AV Rated attorney Mason Rashtian, is located in Santa Clarita Valley. We specialize in personal injury matters, including, but not limited to major injury cases, dog bites, accidents, slip and falls, electrocutions, food poisoning, and defective products.  We represent clients throughout the State of California.

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