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Getting into an accident is not an everyday occurrence.  As such, victims of car accidents make mistakes that negatively impact their injury claim.  These are simple mistakes that can be avoided.  What are they and how do you avoid them?

Mistake number 1 – try to handle your own injury case:

One common mistake is that the injured driver or passenger tries to handle his or her own injury claim.  Following an accident, an insurance adjuster is assigned to handle any injury claims presented against the driver responsible for the accident.  The adjuster will then follow the insurance company’s guidelines on how to pressure and cheat the accident victim.

The adjuster’s goal is simple: “settle the injury claim as fast as possible before the victim speaks with an attorney and pay as little as possible.”  To accomplish this goal, the adjuster will contact all the parties involved in the accident.  The adjuster will take one of two approaches – he/she with either be courteous or abrupt.  Some adjusters elect to be courteous to injured parties because they know that if they are too aggressive, then injury parties will be more inclined to retain an injury attorney.  In contrast, some adjusters are abrupt because they try to bully and scare injured parties into not submitting an injury claim or settling such a claim for a nominal amount.

If liability is clear, the adjuster will resolve the property damage fast.  This gives the injured parties a false sense of security that they can handle their own injury claims without an attorney.

At the same time, the adjuster will offer some money to the injured parties (generally between $500 and $1,000) to entice the injured parties to take it.  This is similar to dangling the proverbial carrot to see if the injured parties bite.  Here is the problem: the money offered is never enough to pay for the medical bills and the adjuster offers little to nothing for pain and suffering.  So, if the injury parties accept the money offered, then they are out of luck and will be responsible for their own medical bills and receive nothing for pain and suffering.

Avoiding this trap:

You can simply avoid this trap by contacting an injury attorney following an accident.  Remember that most personal injury attorneys handle accident cases on a contingency basis.  So, it costs you nothing to speak with an injury attorney.

Mistake number 2 – giving a recorded statement:  

Many times, the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim will also ask for a tape-recorded statement from the injured parties.  This statement is only to benefit the insurance company, and is generally taken as soon as possible and before the injured parties have retained an injury attorney.  Often times, they are taken even before the parties are fully aware of the extent of their injuries.

When taking the statement, the adjuster will try to corner the injured parties into a position of little or no liability and little to no injuries.  Remember that the insurance adjuster (even one assigned from the injured parties’ own insurance company) is not on the injured parties’ side, but is only on the side of the insurance company responsible for paying the claim.

Avoiding this trap:

You can simply avoid this trap by contacting an injury attorney before giving a tape-recorded statement.  If you need to give a statement for your property damage, limit it only to property damage and tell the adjuster you do not wish to discuss your bodily injury claim without an attorney.  Remember that things you say and do not say, can and will hurt you.

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